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Star Soda Water Soft Drink, UAE - 24 X 330ML

by Star
SKU BEVR-708310
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STAR Beverage : Refreshing and rejuvenating, this carbonated-water beverage from STAR is crafted to perfection with high-quality and premium ingredients that hits the spot with every sip. Thanks to its perfect blend of delicious zing and natural elements, the STAR Soda is ideal to make classic cocktails and mocktails. Refreshing and energizing, it takes you through the day with ease. Serve chilled at birthday-parties, BBQ-grill-events at the park, dumbbell and kettlebell sessions in the gym!

STAR Flavour : Rise and shine like a STAR and stay energized during the day and at night based on our carefully chosen ingredients with Zingy and rich flavour for your palate. A Caffeine-Free soda-drink that tastes so amazing that each sip retains the nostalgic Zing flavour! Made from good-quality ingredients for a powerful burst of flavour and freshness to kick-start every new adventure. This carbonated-beverage is a perfect mixer to accompany your premium drinks, syrups or when on a trip!

STAR Quality : STAR strives to provide your family the best quality and delicious soft-drinks. We ensure pouring only the most wholesome goodness into every package or can. The durable tin-cans are made from good-quality and eco-friendly material with an easy ring-pull opener to ensure the freshness is intact for a long time and the taste remains constant and fresh with every sip. Signature brand name on the Front. Store in a cool dry place. Consume quickly once opened and keep chilled.

STAR Occasions : Perfect for the BBQ, the beach and pool or the next grill-party. Pack it in your beach-bag and keep energized throughout a long day! Need a quick energy-kick for your CrossFit-workout, weightlifting-session or Yoga after a day in the office? STAR helps you rise above any challenge! Birthday-presents and Cake are ready. Get the party started - naturally sweet and tasty, they are the perfect drink for Birthday-parties, kindergarten or school! 6 x 300 ml, best served chilled.

STAR Brand : STAR DRINKS are proudly made in the UAE. We strive to serve only high-quality drinks, juices and sodas that are made of fresh ingredients to deliver a fresh and invigorating taste to our customers. Our beverages are best consumed chilled and build a great base for all sorts of drinks, shakes, smoothies and slushies. Our aim is to keep you refreshed and energized throughout the day while enjoying a most natural taste of fruits, the freshest water and tasteful spritz of popular sodas.