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by Bubbly

Bubbly Superior Matcha Powder for Beverage - 1KG

Bubbly Superior Matcha Powder for Beverage - 1KG

by Bubbly
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Create trendy and popular beverages with the help of Bubbly's Matcha powder! This tea offers the earthy, natural, subtly sweet flavor your customers know and love.  Matcha is a popular flavor for bubble teas, milk teas, and other specialty beverages. Simply mix this powder with hot water to create delicious matcha tea that can be used as a base for a whole host of beverages! Matcha desserts are also a trendy menu item to offer in your establishment. Mix this matcha powder into batters for cakes, cupcakes, or pancakes, or sprinkle it over baked goods for a perfect finishing touch!

This pack of Match green tea powder will help keep your establishment well-stocked with this popular ingredient.  Each bag of powder contains enough product to make tens of 24 fl. oz. matcha lattes!  After opening, seal the bag or transfer any unused powder to an airtight container to ensure it stays fresh until you're ready to prepare it.


Iced Matcha Latte : (24 fl. oz.)
1 tbsp. High Tea Pure Matcha Powder
200 ML hot water (divided)
High Tea's fructose, honey or other sweetener (as desired)
4 tbsp. High Tea non-dairy creamer

Mix pure matcha powder and 100 mL of hot water and add sweetener. Add small amount of ice as desired to cool down matcha mixture. In another container, mix non-dairy creamer with 100 mL hot water, also adding ice as desired to cool mixture down. Once both mixtures are cooled down, pour matcha mixture into serving glass over ice, then pour the creamer mixture slowly on top of matcha mixture and serve with or without mixing.