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Boiron Strawberry Puree, France - 1KG

by Boiron
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Expertly preserved and packed, this Les Vergers Boiron 2.2 lb. strawberry puree creates gastronomic masterpieces. Made with real strawberries, this puree has a low viscosity and bitterness, and is high in aromatic fragrance, acidity, and sweetness, with an all-around full-bodied taste. This puree is made without preservatives and does not contain artificial colors or flavors. In fact, this puree was created to maintain its original characteristics to let its most natural taste, color, and texture shine in your menu items, any time of the year.

Packaged in a state-of-the-art tray, optimal efficiency and economical practice is prioritized to get the most out of this top-quality puree. The tray is designed to take up the least amount of space in your refrigerator or freezer, as well as being able to stack on top of one another for perfect organization. The puree itself is easy to unmold and portion, and can also be defrosted for 24 hours in the refrigerator, or thawed in a baine marie or microwave for easy pouring. Plus, the tray is designed with three tapered edges to have full control over pouring for exact measuring and less messes. When you're done using the puree, the lid is designed with a snap-on seal to let you know that it is properly closed.

The flavor characteristics of this puree are as versatile as it is in application. With this puree, crafting anything from cocktails to desserts is simple. This strawberry puree can be used in fruit glazes, simple syrups, sabayon, meringues, pastry creams, cremeux, and even as a macaron filling. Strawberry puree can be used to make parfaits, yogurts, sorbets, ice creams, and even cocktails with Cognac, Brandy, champagne, sake, and rum. Strawberries also pair very well with rhubarb, bananas, apples, peaches, various subtle nuts such as almonds and walnuts, or warm coriander and bright mint.

With humble beginnings as a fruit trading company in Paris, the Boiron family saw the high demand from chefs for top quality fruit purees to use all year around, and Les Vergers Boiron was born. Because each type of fruit requires its own heat treatment to maintain its taste, texture, freshness, and color, Boiron fruits are carefully prepared, and then properly frozen to keep their individual characteristics intact. With ingredients sourced from the best growing regions for each fruit type, Les Vergers Boiron guarantees perfect, authentic flavors with each puree. From savory recipes to desserts and cocktails to frozen treats, Les Vergers Boiron has an extensive line of products for any establishment.