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Mikakuto Puccho Chewy Candy Pack, Strong Cola Stick, Japan - 93G

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Dhs. 10.00
SKU COJP-100134
BARCODE 4902750905498



Puccho's cola-flavored chewy candies just got even cooler! Each chewy piece has crunchy crushed soda candy bits inside. They are coated in a cooling powder which gives them that fizzy cola sensation.


Syrup, Sugar, Processed Vegetable Fats And Oils, Sterilized Lactic Acid Bacteria Beverage, Gelatin, Dextrin / Sweetener (Xylitol, Aspartame / L-Phenylalanine Compound), Acidulant, Cellulose, Emulsifier, Baking Soda, Colorant (Caramel), Flavor, Thickener (Arabic Gum), (Some Milk Ingredients And Gelatin Are Included)