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Mikakuto Osatsu-Doki Sweet Potato Chips, Salty Butter Flavor, Japan - 65G

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Dhs. 12.00
SKU COJP-100141
BARCODE 4970694259052



UHA Mikakuto Osatsu-Doki Sweet Potato Chips with a Salty Butter flavor. The sweet potatoes are fried as they are, providing a delicious source of dietary fiber, which is often lacking in our daily lives. Thickly sliced sweet potatoes have a rich and satisfying texture. The more you bite into it, the more the natural sweetness of the sweet potato spreads.  A salted butter taste that goes well with snacks. The seasoning is strong, but not overpowering, so you can enjoy it all the way through.


Sweet Potato, Sugar, Palm Oil, Salty Butter Seasoning (Cheese Powder, Powdered Skim Milk, Salt, Glucose), Flavoring, Monosodium Glutamete (E621), Antioxidant [Vitamin E(E306)], Coloring [Carotenoid (E160A), Turmeric (E100)].