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Azuma Masago Black Fish Roe, Japan - 500G

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by Azuma
Dhs. 48.00
SKU FRJP-900465


Masago is the roe (eggs) of a small fish known as capelin, which is a member of the salmon family.  Masago is a common ingredient in sushi for a variety of reasons: it's widely available, the fish itself is sustainable and it adds a variety of dimensions to a sushi roll.  As a bonus, the low-calorie Masago is packed with Omega 3 acids, making it a smart diet choice as well.


Capelin Roe, Salt, Protein Hydrolyzate, Dried Bonito Extract, Scallops Extract, Sorbitol (E420 (ii)), Seasoning (E621, E331 (iii), E635, E640, Disodium Succinate, PH Adjuster (E576, E325), Color (Annatto (E160 (b), E129, E133).