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Freakin' Healthy Protein Balls, Hazelnut Chocolate - 60G

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Dhs. 12.50
SKU SNAK-203030
BARCODE 0744702477820



  • We promise all our products are free of gluten, wheat, eggs, or dairy products. Moreover, yes, we hate sugar so no sugar either.
  • Protein balls offer 9 grams of protein per 60 gram serving with absolutely zero cholesterol.the hazelnuts, almonds and dates for a healthy growth of your hair, bones, muscles, and tissues.
  • Freakin' healthy, they are also of top quality and offer you that prime nutrition you need for a healthy lifestyle. So whenever you grab our snack, there is nothing holding you back!
  • We know exactly why you avoid the protein snacks from usual brands: the harmful ingredients. Our products have no added preservatives or food colouring or artificial flavours.
  • Head over to our store and order as much as you want, because at freakin' healthy we make sure you're never alone, a good pack of healthy snacks is always there to accompany you.