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House Java Curry Mix Medium Hot - 185G

by Java
Dhs. 18.00
SKU SAJP-250364
BARCODE 077377002166


Java Medium Hot Curry is a mild product and the largest take on Java Curry offerings. This Japanese curry option includes well-balanced Spiciness tailored for those who enjoy spices in their food served hot. This large packaging option is ideal for families or for larger meals.


Vegetable Oil, Palm Oil, Canola Soy Lecithrn, Wheat Flour, Salt, Corn Starch Corn, Corn Powder Spices, Confiancer Seet, Thaimine Feel), Sugar Monosodium Glumate Color Roasted Onion Powder (Onion Natural Flavors), Sauced Paste Curry Powder [Spice Seed Oried Seed] Palm Oil Garlic Powder Dired] Garic, Oriented Soybeans, Glucose Waltose Sauteed Onion Paste [Onion Powder [Onion Paste Defined Soybeans Palm Oil] Glucose Spices Weast Extract, Soy Lecthin Sauteed Onion Paste Sesame Paste Onion Seasoning Onion Extract, Soy Sauce, Wheat, Salt, Weast Extract, Corn Starch, Gralic Extract Salt, Natural Flavors. Garlic Sweet Strup Salt, Disodium Musnate, Lathic Acid Waltose Natural And Artificial Flavor Sucralose.