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Bubbly Yoghurt Popping Boba for Bubble Tea, Taiwan - 3.4KG

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by Bubbly
Dhs. 68.00
SKU BEVR-710109
BARCODE 4711863663559


Bubbly's Yogurt Flavored Bursting Boba, helps to create trendy bubble teas and other delicious beverages in the easiest of ways! This caffeine-free and vegetarian boba is made in traditional Taiwanese style, and filled with a deep, sweet, yogurt flavor! Each boba is packed with 25% juice that bursts with a refreshing flavor when bitten into, giving a dynamic texture to your beverage or dessert.

This versatile popping boba is commonly served with bubble tea or milk tea, and is also a great addition to smoothies and other refreshingly cold beverages! Additionally, display these bobas at your frozen yogurt bar, as a topping option for your trendy ice cream parlor, or get creative and add it to your brunch parfaits!

Their vibrant color and 10 mm diameter make for a visually appealing garnish to your recipes that customers will rave about.  With its simple, ready-to-use characteristic, it is easy to add this boba to virtually any product; simply scoop, strain, and enjoy.