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Bubbly Pink Rock Salt Top Creamer, Instant Powder Mix, Taiwan - 1KG

by Bubbly
SKU BOBA-710122
BARCODE 4711863663498
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This Bubbly's Pink Rock Salt Flavored Non-dairy creamer, allows you to craft irresistibly rich, creamy bubble teas, milk teas, and other specialty beverages - but without the milk! This powder has the rich and creamy mouthfeel your customers know and love, but it's formulated without lactose.  It's a perfect substitute for milk or cream that your lactose-intolerant customers can add to their beverages (though everyone else is sure to enjoy it, too)! Simply mix 2 tbsp. of the fluffy powder into your beverage, stir until dissolved, and serve. You can also mix it into ice cream, cakes, desserts, and frozen yogurts to add a deliciously creamy texture and subtly sweet flavor to all of your favorite desserts!

This convenient product will keep your busy establishment in good supply of this essential ingredient! Each bag contains 60 x 2 tbsp. servings of non-dairy creamer. After opening the bag, it's recommended to transfer any unused creamer to an air-tight container and store in a cool, dry location in order to ensure freshness.