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Anpanman Koro Koro Bolo Biscuit, Japan - 50G

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These tasty and rare chocolate biscuits from Japanese confectionery company Fujiya are themed around Anpanman, a famous and classic anime show which has been running since the 1980s. Anpanman himself is a superhero whose head is made from a red bean paste bun. His friends include Currypanman, Shokupanman and Melonpanna, and his enemies include Baikinman ("Bacteria Man"). He is also the inspiration for the hit anime One Punch Man!

The biscuits themselves are made of a crunchy biscuit base and thick filing of rich chocolate, each with designs from the characters from the Anpanman anime.  The box themselves are cute in design, each box comes with 4 different expressions from Anpanman, and if you order more than two, we'll try to not give you doubles!